Round Up

Round your bill up to the nearest dollar and give to a good cause!

LUS can round up your utility bill to the next dollar amount, and let you donate the change to a worthy cause you choose. For example, if your bill is $89.40, we would round your utility bill up to $90.00 with 60¢ going to one of the organizations listed below. Those few extra cents donated directly to the school or other community group of your choice can make a big difference.

You may give to one of the following:

  • A Kid's Place
  • Crockett Elementary
  • Crossroads Coffee House
  • E. O. Coffman Middle School
  • Ethridge Elementary
  • God's Storehouse
  • Ingram Sowell Elementary
  • Lawrence County Education Foundation
  • Lawrence County High School
  • Lawrence County Humane Society
  • Lawrence County Public Library
  • Lawrenceburg Public
  • Leoma Elementary
  • Loretto High School
  • New Prospect Elementary
  • Red Cross
  • Sacred Heart (Lawrenceburg)
  • Sacred Heart (Loretto)
  • Safe-N-Smart
  • South Lawrence Elementary
  • Spirit of Santa
  • Summertown Elementary
  • Summertown High School

Call (931) 762-7161 Ext. 4680 for more information. If you prefer to complete the enrollment form and mail it to us, please click here.

Lawrenceburg Utility Systems is proud to partner with our community!