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Here are a few of our favorite interesting and fun sites for kids to browse and enjoy.

[ball droppings=]

BallDroppings Balls fall from the top of the screen and bounce off the lines you are drawing with the mouse. The balls make a percussive and melodic sound, whose pitch depends on how fast the ball is moving when it hits the line. This delightful application allows experimentation with sound and vision which will compound and intrigue you. Whether you are an adult or child, scientific brainbox or avid gamer. It doesn't have a plot, no heroine, no villain. It has no guns or alien beings. It is simply time to get creative, and those who are creative will love this.

[card stacker]

Card Stacker Bryan Berg, 13 year running record winner for Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards at over 25 feet high- is a double title holder, has a website showcasing his work.  A self-taught artist, Berg uses no tape, glue, or other tricks in his work. With 3,000 decks of freestanding playing cards, some scaffolding, and a view of the real building, he worked for a month on the Disney grounds to build the company a 450 pound card version of Cinderella's Castle. The structure was 14 feet tall and 14 feet square, detailing all the turrets and tunnels of the actual castle.

[about the sun]

All about the sun Despite the importance of the sun, most of us don't view the sun as a deity. But some cultures do. At this site, you can read up on the mythology surrounding the sun. It's fascinating to see how other cultures regard the sun. Of course, you'll find plenty of images. There are works of art that use the sun as a subject. There are also scientific pictures and photographs, such as photos of the analemma.  Be sure to check out the scientific resources. You can learn more about space weather and other phenomena. It's fascinating!

[classroom clipart]

An astounding collection of clip art What do you do when you need a picture of a babirusa in a flash? Or what about those times you need a diagram of the human heart? Hop over to Classroom Clipart. It has over 30,000 pictures and illustrations in over 7,000 categories. So you'll have a great selection when you're choosing a picture of an allosaurus.

Aside from the photos and illustrations, there's also wallpaper for your desktop. And if you're working on a project, don't forget the fonts. There's a good selection of unique fonts. So your project will really stand out! It's easy to download the files, so this is a great site for kids. Plus, the files work on both Windows machines and Macs.


Sodaplay is difficult to describe. It falls somewhere between a toy, a game and a geometry experiment. Whatever it is, it's fun. To get an idea of what sodaplay is, visit the sodazoo. It houses a number of creatures created with the sodaconstructor. The abstract creatures are comprised of lines and points. Most are crawling around the screen. Some are ugly. So use your mouse to shake them up a bit.

Once you see what others have done, you'll want to create your own. The sodaconstructor makes it easy ‐ just start clicking. Additional tools help you control movement and gravity. You'll probably make something ugly and strange, too. But it's your baby now, and you'll want to keep it. You can do that if you create an account. You can also share your creation with your friends.

Note: You'll need the free Java plug-in to use this site. If it isn't already installed, you'll be prompted to download it.

[kids archive]
Free music

Digital music players like the iPod are great. Some can hold a month's worth of songs or more. Unfortunately, they don't come loaded with songs. You have to find music to put on your player. And filling one of these things can be a costly proposition. Well, why not just download some free tunes? No, I'm not talking about stealing music. Visit the Internet Archive's Live Music Archive. It's a great way to find new music.          The volume of music won't rival some online stores, but it's impressive nonetheless. The artists have agreed to let you download their work, so you're not breaking any laws.

[us flag]

Rules and Regulations for Flying the Flag  You may want to fly the flag, but don't know the rules for flying it at half-staff. You're in luck!. There's a ton of information about flag rules. Theres'a a Frequently Asked Questions here, The American Legion offers the Flag Code (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.) Orders to fly the flag at half-staff come from the president. Click here to stay up with presidential proclamations.

Other Kids' pages

Barbara J. Feldman has one of the best kid-centered sites - period. It is her vision of what's wonderful and educational on the Web for kids. There's content for parents, kids, teens, grandparents, K-12 teachers, librarians and the incurably curious. Barbara is a syndicated newspaper columnist, mother, wife and Net surfer supreme (not listed in order of importance, of course). While you are there, I encourage you to browse the kids sites, view the inspirational Light an Educational Fire movie, subscribe to her free website reviews newsletter, and take advantage of a free trial membership in the Surfnetkids Printables Club.

Kim Kommando Show  'This digitial diva of radio' has a wealth of information on things to do, and things NOT to do, and how to do them.  Be sure to check out Kim's 10 Commandments for Kids Online. (graphic image)
TVA Web Site for Children - - Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Teaching children about energy efficiency is now center stage on, TVA's Web site for school children. The interactive site features tips on conserving energy at home and school, as well as ways for families and communities to get involved. From, parents can take TVA"s online home-energy audit and receive a free conservation kit. "It is important to encourage behavioral changes in energy use early in life, and we know kids can be a big influence on their parents," says TVA President & Chief Executive Officer Tom Kilgore. "By using electricity more efficiently, our customers can help us make a difference in reducing our electricity consumption and in meeting our region's energy needs as economically as possible." TVA met the highest demand for electricity ever during the winter season as cold winter temperatures increased power use across the region in January. TVA and local power distributors are providing a free energy-efficiency kit to Tennessee Valley consumers who complete a do-it-yourself home-energy audit. The kits and the new site are part of TVA's effort to help inform the public about energy efficiency while helping consumers save energy and save money on their electric bills. Information on the do-it-yourself home audit is also available on and The site features an educational game called "Power Bandit." By playing different games to beat the energy bandit, students can learn about electricity generation, safety and efficiency. Students and parents can also use for links to science-fair ideas and energy-conservation projects. Teachers can access curriculum materials and links to more information on science and energy. Video "field trips" on the site provide a first-hand look at Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm near Oliver Springs, Tenn., and numerous solar generating sites across the Tennessee Valley. The site will have additional updates and information added. All users may take an online survey and offer suggestions on how TVA can improve the site.