Round Up

Round your bill up to the nearest dollar and give to a good cause!

LUS can round up your utility bill to the next dollar amount, and let you donate the change to a worthy cause you choose. For example, if your bill is $89.40, we would round your utility bill up to $90.00 with 60¢ going to one of the organizations listed below. Those few extra cents donated directly to the school or other community group of your choice can make a big difference.

You may give to one of the following:

  • A Kid's Place
  • Crockett Elementary
  • Crossroads Coffee House
  • E. O. Coffman Middle School
  • Ethridge Elementary
  • God's Storehouse
  • Ingram Sowell Elementary
  • Lawrence County Education Foundation
  • Lawrence County High School
  • Lawrence County Humane Society
  • Lawrence County Public Library
  • Lawrenceburg Public
  • Leoma Elementary
  • Loretto High School
  • New Prospect Elementary
  • Red Cross
  • Sacred Heart (Lawrenceburg)
  • Sacred Heart (Loretto)
  • Safe-N-Smart
  • South Lawrence Elementary
  • Spirit of Santa
  • Summertown Elementary
  • Summertown High School

Call (931) 762-7161 for more information. If you prefer to complete the enrollment form and mail it to us, please click here.

Lawrenceburg Utility Systems is proud to partner with our community!