Budget Billing

Spread out the cost of your utilities over a year. To sign up for Budget Billing, please call (931) 762-7161.

What is Budget Billing?
Budget Billing is a plan to help you budget for paying your utility bill. In the end you will still pay the same, but the amount you pay each month will remain fixed. This will allow you to budget for it.

We can't control the weather, but Budget Billing can help smooth out the ups and downs of your utility bill. By budgeting your utility bill, you will pay the same amount each month. This amount is determined by averaging your bills from the previous 12 months and adding 15%. This 15% is an attempt to cover any fluctuations in the actual cost due to energy rate changes or unexpected weather extremes. Paying this average generally means that you will be paying more than usual in the cheaper months, but less than usual during the more expensive months.

You can budget for this amount, because you will always know what your utility bill will be each month. If you wish, you can also enroll in our Bank Draft Plan to have this amount automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Who is Eligible for Budget Billing?
Customers who have been connected at the same location for a minimum of one year prior to the month of enrollment and are in good standing with LUS.

Will Budget Billing save me money?
No. You will pay the estimated average amount each month, but at the end of the year you will have to pay the actual amount used. The only difference is that you will be spreading out this cost over a period of 12 months to try to avoid those months where it is really high or really low. (see the section What Happens at the end of the Budget Billing Period?)

How will my payment be determined?
Your monthly payment will be estimated based on your previous year's usage plus 15%.

Where do I make Payments?
There are many ways to pay your bill. If you choose to pay in person you may do so at one of our payment locations.

Will my payments stay the same all year?

What Methods of Payment are Available?
You pay your budget bill just like you would a normal utility bill. For a list of payment methods, click here.

Will my meter be read each month?
Yes. Your meter will continue to be read on a monthly basis. You will continue to receive a monthly bill as you have in the past. The bill will indicate current consumption and your correct budget billing monthly payment. Your monthly bill will also indicate the budget bill balance (plus or minus) to date.

When may I sign up for Budget Billing?
Enrollment in the Budget Billing plan is now offered at two times during the year. You may sign up in May or November.

What if I move during the year?
Budget Billing payments are determined for your particular residence and are not transferable. When service is terminated, the Budget Billing account is closed and a final bill is rendered.

When do I make monthly payments?
Your monthly bill must be paid just as regular billing--before the gross is due--to avoid late charges. As an added convenience, your bill payment can be drafted each month from your local bank by using our Bank Draft Plan. This eliminates the time and effort it takes to mail or make payments in person.

What Happens at the end of the Budget Billing Period?
The Budget Billing period ends in May or November (1 year from the enrollment month). At this time, your account will be reconciled. If the actual cost of your utilities was less than the amount you have paid, your account will be credited. This credit will show up on your next bill. However, if the actual cost was more than what you have paid, you will be billed for the difference.