Our current and previous rates for electric, water, and sewer may be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Fees & Deposits

Basic fees for residential customers are shown below. Commercial customers should contact customer service.

Residential Customers Fees & Deposits
Electric Connect Fee:    $20.00 Deposit:    $100.00 Date Updated:    2/16/2016
Gas Connect Fee:    $20.00 Deposit:    $100.00 Date Updated:    01/01/2021
Sewage Connect Fee:    $20.00 Deposit:    $ 0.00 Date Updated:    10/28/2015
Water Connect Fee:    $20.00 Deposit:    $100.00 Date Updated:    01/01/2021

** These fees were accurate as shown in the Date Updated column (above).

If you are a residential customer, you can ask us to check your credit history. This credit check does not show up on your credit report. The credit check returns a red, yellow, or green light.

A red light indicates high risk and means you'll have to pay the entire deposit.
A yellow light indicates a level of caution and means you must pay half the deposit amounts.
A greeen light indicates minimum risk and that NO DEPOSIT is required.

Regardless of the deposit amount, all service charges must be paid.