Frequently Asked Questions


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No. The final date to avoid disconnection is stated on your bill in red letters at the top, left-hand corner. It automatically gives every customer the maximum amount of time allowed before being cut off. It clearly states, No Payment Extensions Beyond This Date.

You can receive an email with the amount of your bill. To see your actual bill you will need to sign up for SmartHub. You may also use the SmartHub app on iPad/Phone or Android devices You can use your new account number on your first new paper bill in order to sign up for SmartHub.

If you have signed up for SmartHub you should receive an email with the actual amount. You will either need to use the Smarthub app on iPad/iPhone or Android devices, or login to to see your actual bill.

Be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder to make sure it is not being placed there. If this email is in your Junk or Spam folder, please tell your email program that it is "not junk" or "not spam". If you need further help doing this with your email program, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Yes. The following organizations may help you with your bill:

God's Storehouse
(931) 766-1265
The Ministerial Association
(931) 762-3771
South Central Human Resources Agency
(931) 762-7863

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Click here to view the acceptable payment methods.

No, you can not change your due date.

Yes. You may pay with a check or credit card. Click here to learn more about payment methods and fees.

Yes. You may pay with a check or credit card. Click here to learn more about payment methods.

Yes, there is. It is called Bank Draft. Click here to learn more. There is also an autopay feature with SmartHub at

Click here to view information about budget billing.

Click here to view a sample bill with a detailed explanation of each section.

At this time, we do not have a sample budget bill.

No. This fee is collected at a building located at the corner of Deller and Mahr Ave (North East of the court house.)

Click here to see a sample estimated bill.

LUS can round up your utility bill to the next dollar amount, and let you donate the change to a worthy cause you choose. Click here to learn more.

Theft of Service

Service Connection, Transfer, or Termination

No, just call LUS ((931-762-7161) and ask to speak to a customer service representative.

Click here to view information regarding this process.

Things that you will need to provide in order to connect service.

  • A Photo ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Cash, check, debit or credit card - Note: We only accept Master Card or Visa.
  • If you are renting a residential property, you will need a completed Landlord Rental Agreement form. This form must be filled out entirely, and it must be signed by your landlord. Remember to check only one item in each section.
  • You must have a 911 address before we can connect a new service. Please call 931-766-0010 to obtain one.

Click here to view rates, fees, and deposit amount requirements.


Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 4:30pm CST.

Please call (931) 762-7161 and leave your name, number and issue.

For a gas leak, leave the building and call from another location.


If you are trying to enroll in Smarthub, you need to visit On that page click on the 'New User? Sign up to access our Self Service site.' link and complete the entire enrollment process. Note: This consists of about 10 easy steps.

If you didn't complete the entire enrollment process, you will most likely need to contact a customer service representative and have them remove your email and password so you can start the enrollment process from scratch. Otherwise, if you supplied the service zipcode instead of the mailing zipcode and yours differs, this could cause the problem.

Many people click the Login button on step 5 of the enrollment process, and fail to read the instructions. They inform you that 'You will receive an e-mail with a temporary password. Use it to login and change your password.' Note: The letters in this temporary password are case sensitive. That means it matters if the letters are capitals or not. At this stage you should check your email for an email from LUS containing this temporary password. You must login with your email address and this temporary password. Then you will be prompted to, 'Please change your password.' At that point you will need to enter your new password in both text boxes. They must match in order to be successful.

The 'Security Passphrase' is not a password. It is a phrase that will appear when you actually make a payment. This appears before you enter credit/debit card or banking information. If at that point you do not see the same 'Security Passphrase' that you originally supplied, DO NOT enter any financial information. That would be a sign of phishing (someone trying to use a fake site that looks like Smarthub in order to steal your credit/debit card or banking information).

    • Login to Smarthub at
    • Click "Notifications" on the menu
      • Select "Manage Contacts" from that menu
        • Click the "Add Email Contact" button to add email addresses
        • Click the "Add Text Message Contact" button to add cell phone numbers
    • Click "Notifications" on the menu
      • Select "Manage Notifications" from that menu
      • On that page, configure the Billing and Miscellaneous notifications desired to contact you using one or more of the contacts that you established in the previous steps for one or more of the various types of notification event available.

Contact a customer service representative at: (931) 762-7161.

If you still can not find the answer to your question, please contact us at (931) 762-7161.

FAQs Last Updated: 10/27/2015