History of the Electric Department

Dam Construction
Construction of the Dam

Modern Day

The city of Lawrenceburg began producing its own power through the first dam on Shoal Creek. It was constructed in 1908 and produced 160kW serving 220 customers. In 1925, we advanced quickly to our second hydro power plant that produced 400kW. This allowed us to expand our customer base to 575.

Upon President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the 1933 TVA Act, the city of Lawrenceburg purchased the distribution lines from the Tennessee Electric Power Company in Lawrence County. In 1939, a 20 year contract was signed that called TVA to supply power to Lawrenceburg Electric System at a wholesale rate. We then became a publicly-owned electric system with a three-man board for general supervision.

In 1946, an electrical engineer by the name of Delton H. Truitt was named the new superintendent over the Lawrenceburg Electric System. Mr. Truitt and the board members devised a plan to take electricity to rural Lawrence County. They broke the county into 4 sectors and began the long process of constructing the lines. In 1939, we only had 30 miles of rural electric distribution lines. By the end of 1949, we had a mere 668 miles of rural power lines.

Through many years of hard work and development our 70 employees now proudly serve and maintain over 22,786 customers by approximately 2000 miles of electric distribution lines. This is all being supplied by our five 161kV substations.