Energy Right® Homes

What is an Energy Right® home?

Energy Right®

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Lawrenceburg Utility Systems are partners in programs that encourage energy efficiency in the home. These programs are good not only for our consumers, but they are important to TVA in helping to meet demands for electric power and goals in environment stewardship. The Energy Right® programs are tools whereby we can serve the needs of the consumers through greater control of the customer's utility bills and improving the comfort of their homes.

An Energy Right® program home simply costs less to operate. The true cost of a home is not the "selling" price but what it costs you to own and operate each month. The Energy Right® concept shows that monthly utility bill savings can significantly exceed the small increase in monthly mortgage payment for the additional efficiency measures. Putting this concept into practice results in a positive cash-flow from the first day homeowners move into their Energy Right® program home - with the potential to accrue thousands over the life of the mortgage.

Duel Fuel Systems

A dual-fuel heat pump is a new alternative to conventional gas heating/electric cooling systems. It combines an electric heat pump with a gas furnace, either in a single package or separately. By combining the two, the result is that the heat pump provides the heating in the milder weather when it is more economical and efficient than a furnace, and the furnace takes the place of the usual electric resistance supplemental heating. New homes installing dual fuel heat pumps are recognized as "all electric" homes. All other appliances must be electric in order to qualify for incentives. However, gas logs are allowed.

Many Extra Potential Benefits for Homeowners!

Buyers have the potential to receive additional advantages which include:

Improved Comfort - Homes with upgraded weatherization measures feel more comfortable because the wall surface temperatures are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Tighter homes are less drafty and are quieter.

Strong Position For Resale - Energy Right® program homes can develop a long track record of lower utility bills. These benefits can translate into higher resale values when it's time to sale.

Access to Energy Efficient Mortgage Financing - Some local products currently being introduced or under development can make it easier for home buyers to qualify for Energy Right® homes. In some cases, loan origination fees may be reduced and discounted interest rates made available. Ask your lender about Energy Right® program new home mortgages.

Cash Incentive - The best part of our program is the cash incentive we offer the builder (or homeowner). Each home is rated by points on a Home Energy Rating System (HERS). Similar to a fuel mileage rating on a new car, this computer software program rates the energy efficiency of a new home based on certain features. Lawrenceburg Utility Systems and TVA will pay the builder (or homeowner) an incentive of $150, based on the home's HERS rating. The home must be "all electric" in order to qualify for the incentive. Gas logs and dual fuel heat pumps are allowed under the program.

Other TVA Residential Programs

TVA offers many other residential programs such as Heat Pumps and Manufactured Homes.

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