Waste/Water Treatment Department

Waste Water Treatment Department

The Lawrenceburg Utility Systems Waste/Water Treatment Department provides sewage service as well as waste water treatment to Lawrenceburg. The sewer collection system consists of approximately 200 miles of gravity sewer and 18 pumping stations.

New Treatment Facility

Lawrenceburg Utility Systems built a new expanded waste water treatment facility to meet current and future growth needs for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste water. The facility was designed by Griggs and Maloney, Inc., Consulting Engineers, Murfreesboro, Tennessee and constructed by Judy Construction Company of Cynthiana, Kentucky. The new plant went online in September, 2006, increasing the system's waste water capacity from 2.5 to 4.5 million gallons per day.

Having this capacity is a prerequisite to attracting industries to Lawrenceburg.